Education at the Met

The Metropolitan Opera is committed to deepening student experiences with opera through access to our world-class productions, both in New York City and in schools across the country.

Classroom Resources

Educator Guides

Explore the Met’s library of Educator Guides, designed to bring opera to life in the classroom. Educator Guides infuse teachers’ curricula with opera while helping them to meet state and national academic standards.

Educational Videos

Gain an insider’s view of the Metropolitan Opera House, its artists, and musicians, as well as the history of opera.

Watch Opera

HD Live In Schools

HD Live in Schools brings the artistry of the Metropolitan Opera to schools in 36 states, with students at partner sites joining the Met’s worldwide audience of opera lovers. 

Met Opera on Demand

Student Access

Met Opera on Demand: Student Access makes the Met’s online streaming catalog of full-length performances available to university and college libraries.

College Programs

Join Met Students to gain access to special student discounts on tickets, pre-show events, dress rehearsals, and more.